[Deprecated] GCP SQL Server using Stateful MIGs for HA and DR

Update: Stateful MIG does not failover automatically to another Availability Zone (AZ).




Stateful-MIG Setup with HA and DR


gcloud compute disks create sql-data-repd \
--type=pd-standard \
--size=200GB \
--region=us-central1 \
gcloud compute instance-templates create sql-smig-template-1 \
--machine-type=e2-standard-4 \
--scopes=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/cloud-platform \
--image=sql-2017-standard-windows-2016-dc-v20201110 \
--image-project=windows-sql-cloud \
--boot-disk-size=50GB \
gcloud compute health-checks create tcp sql-port-hc-1 \
--port=1433 \
--proxy-header=NONE \
--check-interval=2 \
--timeout=2 \
--unhealthy-threshold=2 \
gcloud compute firewall-rules create fw-allow-health-checks \
--action=ALLOW \
--direction=INGRESS \
--source-ranges=, \
gcloud compute instance-groups managed create sql-smig-1 \
--base-instance-name=sql-smig-1 \
--template=sql-smig-template-1 \
--size=0 \
--zones=us-central1-c,us-central1-a \
--instance-redistribution-type=NONE \
--health-check=sql-port-hc-1 \
export projectid=$(gcloud config get-value project)gcloud compute instance-groups managed create-instance sql-smig-1 \
--instance=smig-sql-inst-1 \
--stateful-disk device-name=sql-data-repd,auto-delete=never,source=projects/$projectid/regions/us-central1/disks/sql-data-repd,mode=rw \
gcloud compute instance-groups managed update sql-smig-1 \
--region us-central1

Testing Failover





Database Migrations Engineer, Google Cloud

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